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Free Tool Downloads From Solarwinds


Free Network Management Tools

Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle

Monitor network traffic & bandwidth in real-time, fast & easy!

Response Time Viewer For Wireshark®

Helping you determine If it's the network or the application

TFTP Server & SFTP/SCP Server

Transfer executable images & configs with ease

IP Address Tracker

Scans, tracks, & consolidates IP address information

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

Monitors bandwidth usage in real-time

Real-time NetFlow Analyzer

Analyzes network traffic

Network Device Monitor

Monitors any statistic on any network device

Call Detail Record Tracker

Monitor VoIP call performance

Network Config Generator

Quickly configures network devices

IP SLA Monitor

Harness cisco IP SLA to analyze performance between sites

Subnet Calculator

Four free IP management tools in one download


Remotely powerup PCs

Free Mobile Monitor for SolarWinds NPM or SAM

Manage NPM or SAM, plus access SSH, telnet, and RDP from your mobile device

FTP Voyager Free FTP Client for Windows®

Secure file transfer, which includes automation, scheduling, and sync utilities

Free System Management Tools

Microsoft AD Admin Trio

Scan active directory & easily remove user

VM Monitor

Monitors the performance of VMware & Hyper-V hosts

Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory

Delivers visibility into effective permissions

Inactive User Account Removal Tool

Scan active directory & easily remove users

User Import Tool

Quickly create users inbulk & specify attributes

Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent

Easily check configuration files and associated values and test WSUS resource connections

Web Transaction Watcher

Records and monitors any multi-step web transaction

WMI Monitor

Monitors windows applications & servers

Exchange Monitor

Monitors exchange server's health in real time

Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer

Shows what types of traffic are on your network

SNMP Enabler for Windows

Remotely installs, enables, & configures SNMP on multiple windows machines

VM-to-Cloud Calculator

Discovers virtual machines & estimates the cost to move to the cloud

VM Console

Bounces VMs & tracks their status from your desktop

Storage Response Time Monitor

Identifies VMs with high storage latency

SAN Monitor

Monitors your storage array

Kiwi Syslog Server

Collect, view and archive syslog messages and SNMP traps

Free Log & Security Management Tools

Event Log Consolidator

Consolidates event logs from up to 5 servers

Firewall Browser

Simplify firewall rule change requests and troubleshooting

Free Database Management Tool

Database Performance Monitor

Database response-time performance monitor

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